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About Us

Windsor Rubber Processing’s goal is to ensure materials used to create tires can be reused rather than generating more waste for landfills.  By recycling tires we help to maintain the general well-being of the environment by providing an alternative to traditional tire disposal.

We provide an environmentally friendly and economically viable tire derived product (TDP) solution for scrap tires.  We are an Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) authorized processor conveniently located close to all trucking, rail and shipping ports within the region.

We accept tires from OTS Haulers.  We will also process tires from the private sector; who are not registered with the OTS program, please call 519-258-8473 for more information.  We allow all tire sizes and shapes without and with rims and solid rubber tires as well as forklift tires with rims.

Our state of the art processing facility is capable of manufacturing:

Crumb Rubber
Premium 100% Steel Free Rubber Mulch
Buffing Rubber Product
Rubber Sidewalls
Patio Rubber Pavers
Rubber Mats

Made from Ontario passenger, truck and off-the-road (OTR) tires.

Call us at 519-258-8473